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What We Do


Everything can be done” – Leonardo Pace

Edil Pace has developed its knowledge both respecting tradition and in the search for innovation. If on the one hand we look to the past working with the construction techniques of the past, the local ones used by our ancestors which involve the use of wood, stone and tuff technology, on the other side we look at the present working

with contemporary construction techniques, which involve the use of cement and steel technology, but we also look to the future through continuous updates that lead to the application of construction techniques, such as passive systems, aimed at responding to the onset of society and the environment new needs.

New Buildings


Construction of new buildings, be they contemporary structures such as palaces and villas or structures of the Apulian tradition such as farms, farmhouses and trulli with, where planned, the construction of swimming pools and dry stone walls and the arrangement of the outdoor area.



Interventions carried out on buildings or parts of them that may include demolition and reconstruction, extensions, internal and/or perspective modifications.

Ordinary and Extraordinary Maintenance


Interventions carried out on buildings or parts of them ranging from the simple repair of finishes, coatings and/or existing systems to internal distribution changes to the elevations and static consolidazions of both foundation and elevation structures.



Functional and static recovery and conservation of buildings with a particular historical, architectural and environmental value, even with materials and technologies different from the traditional ones but which do not conflict with the overall character of the building.

Green Building


Way of designing, building or renovating and managing a building so as to satisfy the environmental sustainability principles, reducing negative impacts on the environment and on humans, through the use and integration of renovable energy sources for heating, cooling and hot water production with passive building systems that exploit the intrinsic characteristics of the place and the use of natural and recyclable materials. It is a new approach to architecture which promotes the integration of buildings with those who live there and with natural environment.

The Turnkey Project


The Edil Pace srl provides the turnkey project formula, optimizing times and simplifying the process for the customer, who will not have to interface with the individual workers involved in the construction process of their building, but will refer to a single interlocutor who will assume the task of organizing and managing everything, thus arriving at the turnkey project delivery.

Internal Design and Drafting of Building Procedures


If needed, a technician inside the company will take care of the development of the desired project and the subsequent drafting of the building procedures necessary for the realization of the work.

Realization and/or Design Of Furnishings


If you want to complete the building intervations by making the environments created livable  with the realization of furnishings, Ellepdue srl, the other family company, provides its own artisan workshop. Furnishings and furnishings accessories are made on the basis of a project drawn up by a technician, or in the absence of it the company provides a technician who will take care of the design, including 3D and executive drawings that will be the basis of the subsequent realization.

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